• May 21, 2021
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Part One: Account Management

1. User registration:

1) Click on the home page [Exhibitor Registration] to enter the registration page.


2) Fill in the company information, including company, country, user name (email), and set a password. The items with "*" are required.

Log in to your mailbox, view and enter the verification code. Click [Create Account], and jump to the user [Dashboard].

3) Enter the [Dashboard] - [Exhibitor Information] page, complete the company information, click [Submit], and wait for the qualification check. After approval, the website will generate your company homepage.

Note: Please be sure to fill in complete and true corporate information. We will conduct a qualification check and the result will be sent to your email within 2 working days.

Please fill in the guide:

Tags: Set keywords, such as product type, industry type, export advantages, etc., so that buyers can quickly recognize your company.

Introduction: Fill in the company profile. The content of the profile box only supports text input.

Details: Fill in other company information. The text format can be adjusted in the content of the details box. Pictures, tables, and links can also be inserted here.

Note: Except for the contents of the "details" box in the exhibitor information, other information can be automatically translated into Chinese for Chinese buyers.

Common problem:

Q: I haven't received the notice for qualification check after registration, and I can't find my company information on the exhibition website.

A: Please check whether you have completed and submitted exhibitor information. The organizer will only start the qualification check after you submit the exhibitor information. If you still cannot find your company homepage on the website, please contact the staff: +86-10-82217954,


2. Enterprise information management:

Enter [Dashboard]-[Exhibitor Information] to modify the company information. After the modification is completed, click [submit] to update the enterprise information.

Enter [Dashboard] - [Upload Video] to upload corporate promotional videos. Click [Select and Upload] to upload the video from the local, and the size of the video should not exceed 100M. Finally, click [Submit] and you can upload it to the website.

Common problem:

Q: After filling in the contact information (contact, phone, email, WeChat, etc.), we cannot find the contact information on the website.

A: The contact information is not displayed on the website. The organizer provides online inquiry and appointment negotiation services for the supply and procurement parties. After the exhibition, we will provide you with the contact information of Chinese buyers. In addition, prospective buyers can also obtain your contact information through us.


3. Exhibit information management:

Enter [Dashboard] - [My Exhibits] to create, modify, withdraw, and delete exhibits.

Create exhibit: Click [Add] to create a product. After completing the product information, click [Submit] to upload it to the website.

You can sort your products by entering numbers in [Order Rank]. The larger the number you enter, the higher the product’s rank will be.

Modify exhibits: Click "Modify" to enter the exhibit modification page. After modifying the information, click [Submit] to update the exhibit information.

Withdrawal of exhibits: Click "Withdraw" to withdraw the published exhibit information from the website, but it will still remain in the [My Exhibits] list, with the publishing status being "no". At this time, the exhibits will not be displayed.

Delete exhibits: Click "Delete" to delete exhibit information from both the website and [My Exhibits] list. The information cannot be retrieved after deletion.


Part Two: Online Inquiry

Online inquiry is an online instant communication function provided by CIFFA for exhibitors and purchasers.

Enquiry entrance: 1. Exhibitor's company homepage, 2. Exhibit details page.

Create an inquiry: start [Inquiry] through the entrance, a new window will pop up [Inquiry]. Create an inquiry subject, type in the inquiry content, and click [submit] to jump to [My Inquiry].

Note: When re-inquiring for the same exhibitor or exhibit, the [Inquiry] window will display the default inquiry subject (the subject that has been created before), and the subject cannot be changed.

Inquiry page: Enter [Dashboard]-[My Inquiry], the inquiry list will be displayed, and the number of unread messages will be displayed on the right side of the inquiry list. Click the relevant inquiry to enter the inquiry page, you can view the chat history and send new messages. Inquiries provide translation support, and chat records can be exported during the exhibition.

Note: When making online inquiries, please maintain a safe network environment and do not send harassment, illegal, pornographic, violence and other malicious information. If found, the organizer will block relevant accounts and pursue their legal responsibility.


Part Three: Contacts

Contact: Lisa Wang, Tina Zhao